World Cup is Finally Back!

It has been four years since Germany defeated Argentina in the extra time during the final and became the winner of 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  It was truly a fantastic soccer match that soccer fans cannot forget.  Ever since then, the entire world waited patiently for the commencement of the world’s most-watched sporting event.  Finally, after all these everlasting days & weeks, 2018 World Cup has started yet again in Russia.

Some might be surprised, but there are still some people who don’t know what exactly World Cup offers.  So, why is the World Cup so globally popular?  Well, every four years, thirty-two of the best men’s national soccer teams compete for the title of FIFA World Cup winner.  Lifting the World Cup trophy is literally every professional footballers’ dream.  World Cup is also an opportunity for soccer fans to watch national teams that consist of world-class players such as Germany, Spain, Brazil and France.  World Cup has always been known as the most widely viewed sporting event in the world.  For instance, over one billion people tuned in worldwide to watch the final game of the 2014 competition, exceeding even the Summer Olympics and Super Bowl!  So, we hope that everyone enjoys this amazing sporting event in Russia!  Just out of curiosity, who do you have on winning the 2018 World Cup?


How was your First Day of Work?

You probably remember your first day of work.  There are some people who enjoy their first day of work, but majority of workers tend to struggle on their first day of work mainly due to a lack of knowledge within the workplace and inexperience.  In the beginning, your workplace almost seems like a totally different country with its own unique culture, and your co-workers seem like distant foreigners.  You had to be anxious about so many things when you start your job such as leaving a solid first impression with your boss and co-workers, excelling in your duties & responsibilities, making a careless error, and a lot more.

Generally, the first day of work has been known as one of the most stressful days for the employees.  Well, for those people who are about to start their first jobs or those who are planning on working in a professional environment one day, here are some things you want to do & not to do.


  • Be yourself. Remember that you are already hired, so your boss obviously sees potential in you.  So, there is absolutely no need for you to go overboard with impressing your boss.  In fact, your boss will most likely appreciate you even more if you act you’re your normal self.
  • Lay Foundations. It is essential for any employee to know his or her exact objectives & in the workplace.  Doing this will give you a sense of purpose within the company.
  • Try to be social. If your boss or colleagues ask you for lunch or after-work drinks, then I highly recommend you accept the invitation unless you certainly cannot.  Your co-workers might be impressed with your work ethic, but some want to see the fun side of you.  Also, social events are helpful because it gives a chance to get to know your co-workers more on a personal basis.


  • Be late to work. Being late on your first day heavily implies to your boss that you don’t value the company or your colleague’s time.
  • Insult your past co-worker or boss. You might have been fired or quit your last job, and you might want to vent the incident to your new co-workers.  However, try to avoid speaking badly about them.  You are now in a better work environment with a fresh start.
  • Decline your co-worker’s help. I am aware that some introverted individuals don’t like to be depended on others.  However, if your co-workers offer to help you on your first day, be sure to allow his generosity.  If you decline, some colleagues might be insulted or consider you as a non-team player.

Capital Campaign 2018-2018

34984538_599232530445077_5077361868901711872_nCAPITAL CAMPAIGN 2018-2019

We are proud to introduce you to Direct Consultants, LLC, one of the fastest growing companies in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte, NC is the fourth city Direct Consultants is currently expanding. We are located in Greenville, SC, Chicago, IL, and Atlanta, GA. Our current goal is to begin our capital campaign for 2018 and we would like for you to be the first to hear about it. What’s so great about being the first to hear? We will become a public company in 2019. This means many opportunities are available to you. What are those opportunities:

Invest: 1% equity

Direct Consultants is seeking new investors to help expand and grow our company. The investments will help with eliminating debt, hiring employees, and expanding its marketing platform. This capital campaigning program will help create jobs, expand the opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business, alienate any risk that may prevent expansion and growth of the company. Our goal is to raise enough capital from investors to become a public company. This will open the doors for many to earn additional income from investments.

Board Member

Direct Consultants would like to expand the leadership and allow you to become a board member. We are seeking leaders, coaches, CEOs, and entrepreneurs to help lead the expansion on Direct Consultants, LLC. As a board member you will help guide, implement, and execute important decisions for the company. You will receive an official membership accreditation, along with business benefits and opportunities.



Direct Consultants provides a partnership opportunity for other businesses. We will work together to provide references, provide marketing across all platforms, and create opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs to help grow and expand their business.


As a successful company in our local communities, we support those in need through our non-profit Project Persevere. Project Persevere is a program through Direct Consultants, LLC that help the homeless, at-risk youth, and young adults that struggle to figure out their purpose find direction in life through personal and professional development. We offer personal and professional development programs to create a better livelihood for those in need. Our focus is MILITARY – EDUCATION – HOUSING – YOUTH – JOB/CAREERS.


Direct Consultants began its DC Scholarship Program in 2018. The scholarship program will provide two students a year with a partial scholarship to any of college of their choice.

At Direct Consultants, we help companies grow and expand just like yours. We have been at your service for eleven years. We provide top quality service to our clients to help better serve your clients. We specialize in finding the best solutions to solve your business problems and meeting your needs as a business owner. Direct Consultants helps already established companies with expanding locally and state-to-state using strategic project ideas through partnership from markets consisting of business, entertainment, professional, and personal services. Our goal is to use our best problem-solving techniques to solve your business problems and grow and expand your company through marketing campaigns and capital campaigns.


Forbes 30 Under 30 2018

Forbes 30 under 30 2019

World’s Top Under 30

Nominated for ACHI Magazine Award Entrepreneur of the Year 2018

Nominated for We Work Creators Award 2018

Alignable Highly Recommended Local Business 2017

Alignable Highly Recommended Local Business 2018

What’s next?

We are expanding to Los Angeles and New York in 2018.

Google overall approval rating and projected revenue for 2018.

Estimated revenue: 24.1 million

Estimated employees: 51

Contact us

Cell: 980-313-4651

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What can Music do for you?

Everyone is a fan of music.  Lots of people generally listen to music to relieve their stress or to boost their morale.  Whether you listen to rock, hip hop, jazz, everyone appreciates the existence of music in their own way.  However, there are some other benefits of listening to music that some people aren’t aware of.

Listening to music has known to improve our sleep quality.  Many people tend to struggle with sleeping because of anxiety and stress.  However, music has proven to improve people’s sleeping patterns by helping them fall asleep faster.  Also, music is an effective cure for depression and anxiety because music can bring a positive impact on people’s mindset and quality of life.  Most importantly, music has a magical ability to boost your happiness because when you listen to your favorite music, your brain releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical!  So, if you ever feel gloomy, a simple solution would be just put your headphones on and play your favorite songs!

Stay Calm & Plan Your Vacation

What kind of image do you think of when you hear the word ‘vacation’?  You are probably picturing yourself having fun at the beach, exploring different countries, or may be going to  Disney World with your family!  Anyone’s workplace can be quite stressful & frustrating.  Therefore, lots of people attempt to relieve their anxiety & stress by being in a relaxing environment.  However, there are a lot more reasons for people to go on vacation than just relieving their stress.

Those workers who maximize their relaxing experience on their vacation tend to be more productive than others who don’t.  Those employees who are relaxed consistently display better work performance than those who spent more time working because productivity eventually leads to success & excellence.  Also, going on vacation has proven to help the employees sleep better than who do not.  A lack of sleep tends to affect people’s focus & motivation within the workplace.  Therefore, it is highly essential for workers to go on vacations to take some time off, and get rid of their anxiety.  There are also other benefits of going on vacation such as reducing one’s risk for heart attack, longer life expectancy, and morale booster.


What has Globalization Done for us?

Ever since our world has been significantly globalized, it has given us a massive opportunity to stay connected with others from all over the world.  Globalization has made an impactful difference within the workplace.  For instance, our modern technological development has allowed businesses to be involved with a new virtual marketplace that expands beyond geographical borders.  Globalization has enabled many organizations to conduct their businesses abroad easily & quickly and increased free trading opportunities between countries.

There is a plethora of benefits of globalization within the workplace.  Globalization has increased the diversity within the workplace.  Any business organization values the importance of diversity within the workplace.  Having a diverse group of employees tend to bring novel perspectives that could benefit the organization, and companies gain new insights into many diverse cultures from a management.  Globalization has increased the competition within the market because many companies have decided to cut down their expenses.  Nowadays, a plethora of companies have begun to understand the current value of globalization, and have started to optimize the diverse range of benefits of globalization.

Being on Time Is More Than Just Being on Time

What do all successful & dedicated workers have in common?  They consider their time as a priceless resource.  For instance, your employer will most likely be disappointed in their workers if they are not on time.  Any doctor will be dissatisfied in their patients if they don’t show up on time.  Why is that?  Why exactly do we get upset when our friends don’t show up on time?  Well, there is a plethora of reasons people appreciate those who value punctuality.  Punctuality tends to display one’s character.  Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and means more than just showing up before you are late.

By showing up on time, you have already enhanced your productivity within the workplace.  Punctuality is also a way to demonstrate a sign of veneration to your co-workers and clients by acknowledging their time and your own commitments.  Some people even consider punctuality as an indicator of one’s characteristics.  Some believe that people who are punctual tend to be more dependable, reliable, diligent, trustworthy and committed to their work because they honor their duties & responsibilities as an employee.

Myeka Johnson, the CEO of Direct Consultants LLC, also considers punctuality as a vital factor within her workplace.  She always comes to work on time, and makes sure her employees show up promptly for work because she expects all her employees to constantly display professionalism.  Always keep in mind, being on time is more than just being on time.

Beneficial Changes that Fitness can do for you within the Workplace

Generally, people desire to be in the best physical shape they can be.  However, not everyone puts enough efforts to achieve his or her fitness goals.  People understand the universal benefits of fitness such as better health and flexibility, but they don’t seem to grasp the major beneficial changes fitness offers within the workplace.  For instance, a study shows that fit employees are less likely to get sick which means being healthy alone will strongly boost your contribution to your organization.  Nowadays, fitness has been used as a popular method for employers to boost the overall productivity within the workplace.  Employers attempt to make the workplace more flexible and fitness-orientated for the employees’ health.

There are countless benefits of maintaining fitness within the workplace.  Fitness tends to bring out the best attitudes from the employees due to well-balanced physicality and mentality.  It also develops one’s self confidence because an individual must set and eventually reach one’s fitness goals to be fit & healthy.  Therefore, those employees who have made themselves proud by maintaining top-physical conditions are already aware that nothing is impossible if they put the similar efforts they put in for their fitness goals.  Also, self-confidence of an employee naturally leads to an energetic employee who inspire others to gain self-confidence as well.

The CEO of Direct Consultant LLC, Myeka Johnson, is also an employer who highly values fitness.  She is aware that to be an efficient & effective leader in her workplace, she must prioritize & take care of herself.  Therefore, she often exercises about three times a week even with her hectic schedule.  She believes that everyone’s goal in life should be maximizing his or her full potential, and fitness should be utilized as an important tool to achieve it.

Essence & Impact of Positive Thinking

What do all successful business owners have in common?  They all have mastered the act of positive thinking.  How can positive thinking be so influential?  Well, positive thinking is simply more than constantly demonstrating your smile and upbeat attitude to your surroundings.  In fact, a plethora of people nowadays highly underestimates the impact of positive thinking.  Positive thinking is the constant process of building optimistic point of views that will ultimately create your positive energy into your reality.  Positive thinking tends to strengthen one’s happiness, motivation, self-esteem, health, general relations and a lot more.  There are also other health benefits such as fighting depression, strengthening one’s immunity, coping with stress, and more!

Positive thinking is certainly considered as a crucial quality that every successful person is already adroit at.  For instance, a powerful leader such as Myeka Johnson certainly possesses the positive thinking technique.  Positive thinking is one of the reasons how Myeka consistently maintains her strong confidence & leadership in her work place which could also explain her effective professional/personal relationships with other employees.  Also, her positive thinking has always influenced her employees to stay consistently diligent, motivated, engaged and committed for their duties & responsibilities.  She has shown that positive thinking does not only affect you, it is also beneficial for your surroundings as well!

Positive thinking doesn’t necessarily solely apply to your professional & business environments!  It could be utilized in so many different situations.  For instance, many people attempt to lose some weight because they do not appreciate their current physical appearances.  Well, the most important thing is to believe in yourself!  Always be proud of your current body while working for what you truly want!  Always remember that you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.