Now Hiring in Greenville, SC

Do you live in Greenville, SC? Direct Consultants, LLC is coming your way. We are bringing jobs with pay and full benefits (401k, IRA’s) internships, and business opportunities. Follow the DC Greenville, SC page below for updates. NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR THE FOLLOWING POSITIONS:
Project Manager
Business Consultant
Marketing Manager
Client Acquisition Specialist
Administrative Manager





Have a business idea but don’t know where to start or maybe you have a business, but the foundation is a bit shaky and you don’t know what to do? Just hand it all over to Direct Consultants, they will take care of it for you. You may have worked with other consulting firms in the past and ended up spending a fortune for subpar aspects! What makes Direct Consultants different from other consulting firms is that we take care of duties arranged from finance to marketing, to public relations, for you.  Consider us your one-stop shop because you do not have to waste your time working on all different aspects of your business. Just come to us and we will handle everything for you. Our team is very zealous to take your business ideas and turn them into your reality. Our goal is to meet all your goals, at Direct Consultants we understand how passionate you are about your dreams, and how driven you are to make things happen.  We want to help you and be with you on this journey to see your business unfold into the vision you have always imagined.   We are confident about our work because we have consistently made our clients happy and have been successful meeting their goals and expectations. There is no better service than Direct Consultants’s so given us a try and you will be happy with the results!


If you have a desire to be a successful person one day, you might be investigating successful people to find out what they all have in common. The most common thing you will discover is that successful people are very good at failing.  Failure is considered awful by many and is forbidden in our society. Have you ever considered that without failure there would be no advancement, there would be no innovation or growth? Failure makes humans vulnerable to thinking that they are weak, worthless and unable. Throughout our lives, we try to stay in the safe zone to avoid failing just so we don’t have to deal with those dreadful feelings.  Don’t let your feelings get in between you and success because success is right on the other side. Don’t be afraid to fail because it just means you are exceeding your limits to be better, to improve, and be exceptional. While you are trying to overcome your failure, there might be some people in your life that try to keep you captive to your failures.  For some reason they do not want to see you doing better than them, they will hate you because they themselves do not have the confidence to do what you are doing.  Deep inside, they want a different life -but they care too much about what others around them will think, say, or do if they go after that change. When you reach certain levels in your life, career, and relationships or during the journey, things such as Rumors, Betrayal, Loss of friends, and family members, will start to take place.   Even though all this is accurate, stay true yourself, and don’t give. Remember that if you are not failing then you are not pushing yourself hard enough, nor breaking any self-barriers to be better.  Good things don’t come easy, successful people might seem like they move in an effortless way but that’s so far from the truth. They have earned their gains by working hard, breaking personal barriers, getting up over and over after being punch down by failure. Our company Direct Consultants would not exist if Myeka Johnson was too afraid of taking a risk of turning her vision into reality.  Being successful is so much more than becoming rich, it’s about reaching the levels in your life that make you happy.




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Your business is important to Direct Consultants no matter if it is a small, medium, or a large corporation. Direct Consultant’s purpose is to serve you, so your business can grow, thrive, and succeed. Check out the different Business Packages that we provide just for you at Our help ranges from filing to creating business cards as well as improving your business website.  Our latest package includes business cards and a website for only $345, and for no additional fee, we are awarding you with a design and build for the website, this deal will only last until April 30th. Act now on this limited edition offer before it’s too late. Got all those papers scattered on your desk that you don’t know what to do with? Let us help you. By purchasing our Basic Business Package, we will file and organize those papers so you can focus on other aspects of your business. This package also includes business cards tailored just for your company. All this at a price as low as $255.  Let us assist you with filing, website, website hosting, business cards, and brochures at a cost of $1,061 with a maintenance fee of $60. For only $710 we can file, create a website and provide business cards so you can spread the word about your business. Review our website to learn all about Direct Consultants and what we can do for you. Also, shop for the perfect Business Package that fits your company’s need. Direct Consultant LLC is here to help, our team wants to see your business succeed and grow. Your company goals will be accomplished when our business helps your business.

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You know that prom dress or a tux you bought, that you have no idea what you want to do with? Well, you can finally make more room in your closet by donating it to the amazing organization Shield Mentor Program. The Shield Mentor Program team is putting together the SHIELD BENEFIT GALA on Friday, April 20th with the assistance of organizations.  Help the mentees grade 4-12 look stunning by supporting them by providing them with necessities such as formal attire in all sizes and formal accessories, in addition, grooming services such hair do’s, makeup and haircuts by the deadline of Friday, April 6th.  This fun and groovy event will be held in Greensboro NC for the Shield Mentor Program, mentees.  The Shield Mentor Program has done incredible work for the community by inspiring leadership in our youth, by implementing curriculum such cooperation, communication and solving problems. Direct Consultant Team is so proud of the difference that the Shield Mentor Program is making in our next generation.  The team is supporting them by trying to raise $10,000, to expand their location, aid them with events such as the SHIELD BENEFIT GALA and the intramural sports and benefit concert. These events will raise funds to support all the youth to gain academic success and personal growth this program also molds kids to have positive belief and values in themselves. Keep doing what you are doing Shield Mentor Program and Direct Consonant is behind you supporting you through every step.

SHIELD Mentor Program

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New Business Packages

WE HAVE NEW BUSINESS PACKAGES! Are you a start up business? We have the perfect business package for you. For a limited time ONLY, you can choose between two low cost packages.
Basic Business Package I: $255


Business Cards

Basic Business Package II: $345


Business Cards

Two week turnaround on each package. 

Don’t have a business? No worries. If you refer this email to a friend and they become our client, YOU RECEIVE $50. 

Visit out website: 


Direct Consultants, LLC
1000 NC Music Factory Ste. c6
Charlotte, NC 28206

We Work Creator Award Nomination

Happy Sunday everyone. We have good news from Direct Consultants, LLC. We’ve been nominated for another award. WeWork Creator Award. In 2017, we were nominated for Forbes Under 30 and ACHI Women Supporting Women Association, Inc.‘s Entrepreneur of the Year Award. We are so excited to be recognized as not only a thriving business, but also a company that gives back to their community. What’s special about this nomination is we will also be awarded for Project Persevere. Project Persevere has helped those in need by getting them off the street and into housing. We also provide personal and professional development courses to help those in need with getting a job. We prepare them by creating a resume and cover letter geared towards the job they want. We also provide business attire and other personal things needed to get them ready for interviews. Each winner of this award will receive nearly $200,000 towards their non-profit. We are thankful for your support and we hope you cheer us on as we wait for the winners to be announced globally.



Live Q&A Entrepreneurial Business Panel

Direct Consultants will host its first live Q&A Entrepreneurial Business Panel. This is a great opportunity to discuss those business questions you’ve been waiting to ask the experts. You will receive the best advice from top entrepreneurs and business owners in Charlotte. For more information, contact Myeka Johnson by phone at 980-313-4651 or by email at