Dogs are Human’s Best Friend

There is currently about 70% of U.S consumers who own a pet.  Out of those 70% of U.S consumers, about half of them own a dog.  Why do people own dogs?  If you are not a pet owner, this question might be a little difficult.  However, here are the reasons why owning a dog is beneficial.

There are multiple benefits of having dogs for humans.  For instance, dogs help with improving your heart and preventing depression.  Also, spending time with dogs help with improving your mood.  A study shows that being with your dog reduces your stress and helps you relax.  Also, having a dog encourages a healthy & active lifestyle. Dogs love to run and exercise!  Since it is the dog owner’s responsibility of working their dogs, dog owners’ lifestyle should be more active.  Regular walks with a dog will not only keep you away from computer screen, but also prevent them from getting obese.  Dogs will be your best friend because dogs are extremely loyal.  The reason why dogs are pack animals who want to bond with a group, and they show loyalty to those who could be part of their pack.  When they are home and bond with their owners, they become part of their ‘pack’ and fiercely loyal to the human family.


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