How was your First Day of Work?

You probably remember your first day of work.  There are some people who enjoy their first day of work, but majority of workers tend to struggle on their first day of work mainly due to a lack of knowledge within the workplace and inexperience.  In the beginning, your workplace almost seems like a totally different country with its own unique culture, and your co-workers seem like distant foreigners.  You had to be anxious about so many things when you start your job such as leaving a solid first impression with your boss and co-workers, excelling in your duties & responsibilities, making a careless error, and a lot more.

Generally, the first day of work has been known as one of the most stressful days for the employees.  Well, for those people who are about to start their first jobs or those who are planning on working in a professional environment one day, here are some things you want to do & not to do.


  • Be yourself. Remember that you are already hired, so your boss obviously sees potential in you.  So, there is absolutely no need for you to go overboard with impressing your boss.  In fact, your boss will most likely appreciate you even more if you act you’re your normal self.
  • Lay Foundations. It is essential for any employee to know his or her exact objectives & in the workplace.  Doing this will give you a sense of purpose within the company.
  • Try to be social. If your boss or colleagues ask you for lunch or after-work drinks, then I highly recommend you accept the invitation unless you certainly cannot.  Your co-workers might be impressed with your work ethic, but some want to see the fun side of you.  Also, social events are helpful because it gives a chance to get to know your co-workers more on a personal basis.


  • Be late to work. Being late on your first day heavily implies to your boss that you don’t value the company or your colleague’s time.
  • Insult your past co-worker or boss. You might have been fired or quit your last job, and you might want to vent the incident to your new co-workers.  However, try to avoid speaking badly about them.  You are now in a better work environment with a fresh start.
  • Decline your co-worker’s help. I am aware that some introverted individuals don’t like to be depended on others.  However, if your co-workers offer to help you on your first day, be sure to allow his generosity.  If you decline, some colleagues might be insulted or consider you as a non-team player.

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