Being on Time Is More Than Just Being on Time

What do all successful & dedicated workers have in common?  They consider their time as a priceless resource.  For instance, your employer will most likely be disappointed in their workers if they are not on time.  Any doctor will be dissatisfied in their patients if they don’t show up on time.  Why is that?  Why exactly do we get upset when our friends don’t show up on time?  Well, there is a plethora of reasons people appreciate those who value punctuality.  Punctuality tends to display one’s character.  Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and means more than just showing up before you are late.

By showing up on time, you have already enhanced your productivity within the workplace.  Punctuality is also a way to demonstrate a sign of veneration to your co-workers and clients by acknowledging their time and your own commitments.  Some people even consider punctuality as an indicator of one’s characteristics.  Some believe that people who are punctual tend to be more dependable, reliable, diligent, trustworthy and committed to their work because they honor their duties & responsibilities as an employee.

Myeka Johnson, the CEO of Direct Consultants LLC, also considers punctuality as a vital factor within her workplace.  She always comes to work on time, and makes sure her employees show up promptly for work because she expects all her employees to constantly display professionalism.  Always keep in mind, being on time is more than just being on time.


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