You know that prom dress or a tux you bought, that you have no idea what you want to do with? Well, you can finally make more room in your closet by donating it to the amazing organization Shield Mentor Program. The Shield Mentor Program team is putting together the SHIELD BENEFIT GALA on Friday, April 20th with the assistance of organizations.  Help the mentees grade 4-12 look stunning by supporting them by providing them with necessities such as formal attire in all sizes and formal accessories, in addition, grooming services such hair do’s, makeup and haircuts by the deadline of Friday, April 6th.  This fun and groovy event will be held in Greensboro NC for the Shield Mentor Program, mentees.  The Shield Mentor Program has done incredible work for the community by inspiring leadership in our youth, by implementing curriculum such cooperation, communication and solving problems. Direct Consultant Team is so proud of the difference that the Shield Mentor Program is making in our next generation.  The team is supporting them by trying to raise $10,000, to expand their location, aid them with events such as the SHIELD BENEFIT GALA and the intramural sports and benefit concert. These events will raise funds to support all the youth to gain academic success and personal growth this program also molds kids to have positive belief and values in themselves. Keep doing what you are doing Shield Mentor Program and Direct Consonant is behind you supporting you through every step.

SHIELD Mentor Program

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