Superior LED Displays

15570960_1829920943960296_910819383_nSuperior LED Displays started off as a small company, focusing only on small LED Displays, signs, and channel letters. Before the industry of LED Displays became high in demand, Superior LED Displays were only using neon tubing. Harry Kaufhold took over his father’s business, which he started in 1985. He is also the owner of Superior Science an Electrical Services. They recently expanded their company to parking electrical systems, called Superior Parking Systems. LED displays are used in billboards and store signs. They are a flat panel display that uses light emitting diode displays as a video displays across the screen. You see a lot of examples of LED displays in major cities and store fronts. Superior LED Displays have served consumers and businesses on the east coast and in the state of Texas. What helps them stand out is their power supply ratio to module. With a ratio of 1 module per power supply, they can supply four to eight modules per power supply. Another great thing about Superior LED Displays product is it’s one hundred percent waterproof.

If you are ever in the market for LED Displays, Superior LED Displays is the company to contact. They have manufacturing locations in Houston, Texas, Hendersonville, NC, and Greenville, SC. Find out more about Superior LED Displays by clicking on links below.








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